An Indie fantasy Action RPG game with lots of combat, puzzles and customization.


Fight over 50 different enemies and 8 unique bosses. Make your way using all sorts of weapons, from swords, axes, maces, bows, explosive arrows, poison arrows, freezing arrows. You can also create over 50 different potions that improve your character making it faster, stronger, more resistant, or become invisible and pass through these sentinels that you hate so much.


Delve into a unique experience. Explore the castle and its more than 30 areas and discovers his dark secrets hidden in it. Collect information, read old books and diary, and connects all the pieces to reveal your true purpose and how to achieve it. Get weapons and armor to progress in the game, level up and upgrade your character with multiple and useful talents that will define your style of play. Play your way without predefined classes.


Levers combinations, button pressing, electric switches, mixing alchemy vials, reforging items, solving riddles... Every part of the castle has some puzzles that must be solved to advance in the game or access the Boss. But do not worry, all the information you need are nearby in any book, diary or loot chest to help you with clues. Search and loot the items and combine them in the inventory to create the item you need to solve it. The puzzles solutions are random and change every new game.


There are dozens of items that you can find and create to improve your character. You are one of those who like direct combat, then put a heavy armor and an axe in each hand and start kicking ass. Or you prefer ranged attacks, a bow and sharpen your aim with huge variety of special arrows to burn, freeze or explode your enemies. You can also enchant your equipment and make it more powerful boosting your stats and adding useful effects to weapons and armor.


And use them in your favor. Fire, Ice, Earth and Electric. Each and every one of them with powerful spells that will help you on your adventure. Fireballs, Ice Nova, Stone Skin, Chain Lightning, and many more. All spells are available independant of the play style you have chosen. Why chose between sword or magic when you can have both? And very efficiently...



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